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The most important criterion for every tourist when making a reservation should be the ratio between the offered quality and the price of the accommodation

Balance between price and quality

Complete fulfillment of the mission of our company is impossible without the satisfaction of our clients. That is why we paid special attention to the realistic evaluation of our services, taking into account all the relevant factors, and expressed them through the prices shown below.

Balance price and quality of accommodation

Accommodation Benefits

Among the many benefits, we list only the most prominent ones so that you can more easily put the offered quality of our services on the opposite side of the scale in addition to the prices, and better assess the benefit ratio.

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Price list for apartment Dante Alighieri


Why choose this apartment?

Below we will list a few basic characteristics of this accommodation in order to help you assess its level of quality.

  Apartment Dante Alighieri is located only 80m from the sea and 150m from the city center. When looking at the photos, we are convinced that few people would come to the above conclusion. The combination of a quiet location rich in Mediterranean vegetation, and at the same time the proximity of the city’s offer, which is precisely why many tourists visit this place, will surely satisfy even the most demanding tourists.

   Thanks to the above, you get an additional hidden benefit in the form of additional free time. Considering that numerous restaurants, coffee bars, shops, beaches and other offers of the city are located less than 300m away, you will be at the desired location in the shortest possible time. So you will be able to use your free time in the most optimal way.

It is extremely important for us to provide our guests with the necessary comfort of accommodation. Quality furniture as a pleasant and functional space certainly contributes to this.

The most important factor that we are proud of is the level of cleanliness of our spacious accommodation, which is evidenced by our satisfied guests. We recognize that maintaining impeccable cleanliness certainly attracts our greatest attention and we use the most resources to fulfill this benefit. We believe that it is extremely important to always keep this factor at the top of our priorities in order to continue achieving enviable results.

  In this case, we consider the concept of security in the broadest sense and context. We believe that it is extremely important that guests in a new and unknown space have a satisfied sense of security, so we have directed our actions in that direction. We organize regular attestations from authorized persons, such as, for example, attestations of electricity and household appliances, checks of the microbiological correctness of water, daily maintenance of accommodation, and other actions provided for by law. The apartment also contains a safe for valuables, an intercom and an alarm system. No less important is the fact that our facility and furniture are insured, but our guests are also insured in case an accident.

  The huge garden with more than 630 m² certainly represents the largest garden in the city center. In the huge yard there is a table with benches and chairs, which is an ideal place to hang out. For relaxation, you can use the large swing as well as the offered large or small barbecue. Unfortunately, we cannot convey to you the scents of the garden where there is a small orchard and numerous Mediterranean plants (oranges, tangerines, apples, persimmons, cherries, sour cherries, plums, pears, figs, grapes, olives,…).

   We are convinced that you cannot find this amount of open space intended only for you, and at the same time in the center of the city of Opatija.

   Our guests have the option of unlimited use of the sauna, which is located in the apartment. Extremely simple use in accordance with the instructions of our staff will make this additional benefit always available.

   The Finnish sauna is really very easy to use, and we will not overemphasize the well-known benefits it brings, since they are known to most (increased muscle flexibility, relaxation, cleansing of the skin, strengthening of immunity, and numerous other effects).

  Our specialty is that even though we belong to private accommodation, our service is so-called professional, i.e. at a higher level than competitors whose services are provided by natural persons. Competence and knowledge, as well as unobtrusiveness along with constant availability of our employees, are the main characteristics of the performance of our services. Accordingly, guests have additional benefits that are similar to the characteristics of hotel services.

  The most important and relevant question that destroys many ideal stories – reliability! The difference between the actual condition on the one hand and the description of the accommodation on the other hand, leads to a positive or negative result. Our goal is to achieve the smallest difference between the above mentioned parties so that the future guest knows exactly what to expect from our accommodation, and the guarantee of our reliability is our reputation on the market achieved by guest ratings.


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Summer 2023

 The sea is only 150 m from the accommodation. Shops, restaurants and cafes in the immediate vicinity. At the same time, a quiet environment with a huge outdoor space. It would be to bed to miss your chance. Is it?

Allow us to be your host in this special city, and with all that, get the best price through this offer

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