..the center of the city and the whole offer of the city are only an incredible 150m away from the apartment!!!

SEA "a step away"
from the accommodation

72 m²

the kitchen

garden 631 m²

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pet friends

What does the Dante Alighieri apartment offer you?

Here are just a few of the privileges you enjoy as our guests:


Apartment Dante Alighieri is located in the immediate vicinity of the entire offer of the city of Opatija


The exceptional proximity to the beaches will make your journey to refreshment easier on warm summer days!


An incredible amount of outdoor private space consisting of a courtyard, garden and orchard


The most important benefit of our accommodation that we guarantee is impeccable cleanliness!


Thanks to the features of the facility and the knowledge of our staff, you will be provided with the maximum level of comfort


In the broadest sense of the mentioned term, our attention is focused on fulfilling the highest level of this factor!

If you want to find out more about the advantages of our accommodation, find out more below


     Apartment Dante Alighieri is owned by a company from Croatia, and has been available to numerous guests since 2017. The mission and vision of our company is closely related to tourism, which we reveal below.

Mission – providing an unforgettable vacation to guests of all races, beliefs, cultures and traditions, and adapting to their specifics in order to enable them to fully indulge to rest and escape from stress.

Our motive that drives us, gives us strength, desire and at the same time confirmation that we are moving towards the realization of our vision is the everyday smile, happiness and satisfaction of our guests after a vacation in our facilities.

Vision – to provide our guests with a unique vacation that will provide them with comfort as if they were at home, and become recognizable as a rental company that guarantees top service.

    Our company Međunarodni centar za poslovno savjetovanje d.o.o. was founded in 2005, but has been actively renting accommodation to tourists since 2017. We offer two facilities in the center of Opatija: apartment Dante Alighieri apartment and  holiday home “Opatija”. The employees of our company stand out with many years of experience in the tourism industry. According to their competence, skills and knowledge, we are able to offer more than just accommodation.

    It is known to everyone that for the complete fulfillment of an ideal vacation, the key service, i.e. the staff. We are confident that our competence and love for work will be recognized by you.


It is a challenge, but also a great pleasure, to meet the expectations of our guests and provide them with an ideal vacation! What can we offer you within this facility, and how are we different from others? Find out..

    Among the many competitors of this type of accommodation (so-called family accommodation), we are rare renters who are classified as professional renters. The above means that the company’s competent employees, with their knowledge and attitude, will surely provide you with timely and quality service.

     Numerous positive features of the accommodation itself and the benefits that result from it, allow our visitors a handful of special privileges. Thanks to the combination of the object’s location and the size of the usable space within the Dante Alighieri apartment, we can provide our guests with an enviable amount of space in the city center, while ensuring a quiet and safe accommodation. The comfortable, clean and airy rooms of the apartment will certainly not go unnoticed by our guests. Also, guests always recognize the advantage of accommodation practically in the city center, where the rich offer of the city is available in the pedestrian zone.

    The building in Dante Alighieri Street was built in 1912 for the Russian consul Gustav von Igelstorm and was called Villa Igelstorm. For the Italian administration, its owner Livio Battistella calls it Villa Battistella, and later it is called Villa Irina. Our company became the owner of the villa in 2005, and completely renovated the property. The company started using the property for tourist purposes in 2017, and currently the apartment that is part of the villa fully meets all today’s high accommodation standards.

Welcome for guests of the Dante Alighieri apartment
Dobrodošli - Welcome - Willkommen - Benvenuti - Добро пожаловать

Guest Feedback

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We offer you two exclusive accommodation facilities in the center of the city of Opatija

Apartment Dante Alighieri and the sea

Apartment Dante Alighieri ****

Apartment (2+2) for two people with the possibility of making an extra bed from the couch for 2 more people. The largest private yard in the city center!

Holiday house Opatija and the sea

Holiday home "Opatija" ****

Holiday house (4+2) ideal for 4 adults and 2 children. The largest amount of private indoor space in the city. Opatija’s unique offer for the whole family or group of friends!

Međunarodni centar za poslovno savjetovanje d.o.o.

Dante Alighieria 4, 51410 Opatija, Croatia

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